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36 minutes of improvised hardware material, 0 overdubs, 1 night recording session, straight to cassette tape.


released March 25, 2020

Vocals: goya_goon
Instruments: 18andCounting & Dolor
Engineer : 18andCounting
Post mixing/Mastering: Dolor


all rights reserved



18andCounting St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Mississippi
ayo 80 kicking on the 1-0-61
ayo moving brighter than the flash out a shotgun
ayo it’s party time
word to my man Stan got the party vibe
but it's low-key
but it's low-key
still got the party vibe but it's low-key
low-key hard as fuck
peace to my people cause we heavy as a dump truck
yo we drank till we throw it up
then we show up to the show down
moving in a hollow moon clean off a good sound
move around town ice cubes in the cup drinking all brown
while we bump in James Brown
and we keep it ill sounds
on the back of astroids
I fuck with Dan Aykroyd
funny movies on a Sunday
spend time while we listen to Donny Hathaway
free-fallin while nature be calling
free-fallin wild nature be calling
we Freefallin isle nature be calling
no parachute just dimes for the loot
I dig through the rhythm searching for the truth
hotter than a Dragon's tooth
I get it loose that's word to my coupe that I don't know
I'm on my own path flesh blood and bone
no kings or kings queens upon the throne
this life is like a cobblestone
break a niggas legs and tell a sucka hobble home

We on a party vibe dope and we low-key
We on a party vibe dope and we low-key
Clouds over Mississippi
Clouds over Mississippi
Drowning in the Mississippi
Muddy as fuck
Cruddy as fuck
Cruddy as fuck Cause we Drowning
in the Mississippi
Clowning in the Mississippi

Can’t keep no catfish
Cant eat no catfish
Nor Buffalo either
Sittin on back while I drink on a Lagunitas
bass out these speakers

Drowning in the Mississippi

Still want to throw a Molotov they styles off
hey yo I never played a game of golf
I tear buildings down while I move through the city
inside of my own sound
inside of my own sound
in a vacuum looking out my living room
Life is like a cartoon but I'm sharper than a harpoon
see you at high noon

drowning in the Mississippi
swimming in the Mississippi we grow lungs
on the side of these tracks where you lose your life
you never get that shit back like
Drowning in the Mississippi
lounging in Mississippi

we heavy as gravity
life is all funny till you peep that tragedy
we all color poetry
heavy as an oak tree
by the base of the Mississippi
by the base of the Mississippi

Yeah By the base of it
see us at the floodwalls
laughing at the nature as the shit rises yall
full moon to half turnpike
we are on the 101 North goin right
See uson the 55 at an odd time
still hopping over state lines
watching out for one time with a mind full of sunshine
inside the Mississippi
ayo it's winter time in summertime in Mississippi
9000° beneath the sun and everybody got a gun
and everybody got a gun
so where you from where you from
by the base of the Mississippi
shooting shit at the Mississippi
see us by the base of Cahokia Mounds
lifestyle is real cause smiles and frowns
it's all the inverse ≈≈ it's all the inverse
Lost Lands life ain't programmed
We bow down to no man
in these Lost lands where this life aint programmed
we bow down to no man
By the base of the Mississippi
Warriors like Conan in the Mississippi
carry ax and a six pack everybody
chilling with a wave cap
like, got a look good for death
I got understand my breath
Moving in the sunlight
vampires don't bite so I keep my
flows in my own eye
by the base of this Mississippi river
jazz music by the base of the Mason Dixon line
I chill with my own time
looking at the sunshine with a box of stolen knives
turning six to nine like
head nod and day drops

by the base of head nods and day jobs
everybody got a little heart in they own way
yo I move it on my way
top of the resume reads feng shui
I keep it easy
my mama use to sing fat meat was greasy
hardheads don't believe thee
till that hardhead hits the concrete
so I moved through the system with a bomb beat
ayo we bouncing and lounging check the gevity
Ayo life is so readily heavily
we transmit from the land of stolen Chevys
my number one phrase is get ready
for whatever might happen
change is a constant
walk through the city and I'm hopping over continents
like how do I get to Mars
hey yo I pulled a little soul out the jar
quasars and the suns collapse
while my people sit back conversate over six packs
and as the moons and stars began to intertwine
while I'm on my wine
I got my own type of time
looking at the figure 8 searching for infinity
life is all about turning seconds into centuries
I compose ≈
Track Name: F.A.B.

I've been a liar and a thief
I still want to move inside these beats
and this flow’s unique
I'm just honest as I walk across this continent
I'm trying to understand this weather while these people plotting shit
but inside it's like au gratin
well I grill them and got them
I'm born inside the belly of Gotham
I eat ‘em till it's rotten
I give a fuck about the government be plotting
pulling swords from stones like that shit was Camelot
I'm rolling up some heavy pot inside of my own pop
my gumbo got that flow and them people got them wherewhatzz
I show up wearing nothing but some crew cuts
slanging all my dreads while I'm killing all these Klu Klux
hella factions inside of this city lasting
time but inside were like atlas and I keep my practice
inside of my soul guaranteed I know my roll
I treat it like a bunch of cobblestone
no bread or crumb tracks for suckers to follow home
‘cause I still got my own hollow zone
yo my chromosomes singing like Aretha
I still drink a Lagunitas heavy bass be spilling out my speakers
the sneakers on my feet make the cypher complete
I got a hungry belly guaranteed I like to eat
everything underneath this canopy
just move through these streets like a fucking centipede
A thousandleggs hopping over putty graves
I'm slicker than some oil out of slaves grave
it's all about the haunted realty
I cruise across the universe so cool and so casually

I weave some carpets I'm moving on the stock market
they got my people’s bone and sell it by the market
but it's Davey Jones locker with a shot of hot vodka
Ayo I always been a top Shotta
I need something inside of my cup, homie coffee hotter
but I still gave praise to that nigga Tree Trotter
it's Black Thought but these suckas get caught
feeling like a catapult, ayo they need some salt ‘cause they
unseasoned I be talking to these humans
in any type of season, guaranteed an breathing
flows like volcanoes on my ankle
my twisted ass halo but I still keep it angled
I'm cool born inside the belly of this pulpit
I jump out like Al Green on some cool shit
singing some gospel soul music
it's hostile I guess use, it it's awful but I do it
what's happening while we chilling and rapping
and these other people gasping
while we colder than the Aspen
I’m 10 toes 10 fingers and all ass in
and that's the reason why I’m making that blend
it's just a bounce
it's just a bounce

ayo we smashing
welcome to the belly of the after
orgasm laughing as I move past Oregon
I'm in the organs I see the inner origin
I know the rhythm and this heat is hella scorching
we moving never boring on the impulse
the reason why we moving and we slicing suckers throats
because we sharper than a dagger
guaranteed I got a tagger
but I still wanna move like like a motherfucking dragon
bringing breathing lungs of fire for my own desire
we got that transmitting shit hitting through your own wires
hijacking transmitters
never been a quitter
smoke a cigarette to the filter in Hell’s kitchen
glisten and glide glide with the flow that provides
something inside of your body like a good drug high

We keep it bouncing

We keep it bouncing

This funny ass feeling
these funny ass glasses
and these funny ass ceilings
these funny ass floors
and these funny ass whores
and these people that be talking
and this funny ass chessboard
it's not monopoly but they still funny ass record
they press that funny ass shit I still praise the Lord
my vision ain't made out of no cardboard
but it's funny ass duck tape I leave em on the ocean floor
no Jaques Cousteau never jock a brother’s flow
‘cause I know inside this soul we got to keep it original
yo barcode don't mean nothing
it's no discussion no assumptions
I serve that ass with a bunch of onions

These funny ass these flows
These funny ass these clothes
these funny ass these assholes they acting like they know
It's funny ass that dro but we moving on our soul
but these funny ass these assholes they really don't know

we shows up no debating about these other people faking
keep it hotter than the brain of Satan
they not relating
we not distributing but we seeing past illusions
here’s the truth in the situation we're not proven
nothing underneath this god’s blue sky so
why should I try to prescribe to a false ass diatribe
I know the devil lies I see your own frown
and that's the reason why I gets around town
with a flow like petrol through that motherfucking metro
bouncing off the innersights of your soul just like an echo
I gripped it once and my soul it never let go
and that's the reason why we're building inside of this ghetto
these meadows these heavy flows
inside our own soul
ayo we speak hotter than a fucking butter roll
these other niggas they gut is slow
but see we got that gutter flow
and that's the reason why we glow oh

This funny ass these flows
and these and these funny ass they grow
and I see these funny assholes and they multiply so yo
I'm trying to keep my soul amongst these funny ass these flows
and I still know the rhythm so I really got to go
outside to that sauce
outside the box outside the boss but
see me in that rhythm trying to cook up my sauce
my sauce is soul and my soul be my sauce so
see me in that background just lightened up on Molotov
Ayo these funny ass hoes these funny ass Bros
these people wanna grow in this funny ass this hole
these climb mates my people like some primates
we prime rate we boosting up that crime rate
we move like some primates
we are not involved but we born to problem solve
that's the reason why we still got that yes to that y'all
Ayo middle finger government these flaws
and every chance I get well I'm breaking all they laws
these funny ass - these funny ass these flows
and these people talk that money ass that money ass it grows
amongst these funny ass these funny ass assholes
I still want to chill with my people my people………
Track Name: For eva eva
≈ ≈ ≈
life is all about the basics so amazing
adjacent to the suns moons and stars
pulling weed up outta jars while I’m bumping sun ra

forever eva
For eva eva

Saturn travel down this pattern
abstract views inside I'm unraveling
the blues that I got inside my bones
it's like it's like a chromosome
I touched it one time and never left it alone

it's like forever ever…

Ayo is written in stone flesh blood and bone
the philosophy I move it might leave your mind blown
but I'm deep in the cerebellum I check it and I tell ‘em
touched it one time and I'm steadily rebelling
propelling because I move with the energy
inside my rhythm is a century
inside my brain is a galaxy
every inch of it just moves
inside but it's reactivated by the groove

like forever ever…..

Ayo me in these astroids talking to these lost toys
everybody moving but they see seek and destroy

like forever ever

destroyed and built underneath gods quilt it's

like forever ever

I breath quite easy by the banks of this Mississippi
I touched it one time I felt like a gypsy
hoodie on her head like a druid
move through this thick ass fluid
I just moves through it
Breath on my side of town we grow gills
cause outside of our window sill people do kill it's not thrills
what people do to get a dollar bill
trying to figure out how to keep my belly filled
plus my soul’s instilled
Outside of my window sill
feeling like Don Quixote when he's looking at a windmill
it's all that illusion why they steadily improving
inside of my life while I breathe amongst pollution

it's like forever and ever

Born inside this shit like forever ever...
Track Name: Luved it
I stay longer than I should cause i’m in love with it
I stay longer than I should cause i’m in love with it
everybody’s telling me to leave
but i’m like please i’m in love with it
and everybody wants to say spend your time out the studio
ayo I'm love with it
and I'm in love with it
I stayed longer than I should
but I'm in love with it and I'm in love with it

yo I smelt it and dealt it farted and I held it
I straddled along this earth like a shellfish
heavy as my back on my globe through these waters
I love it like a father loves a daughter
I loved it like the mother loves her son underneath this golden sun
And I still want to move inside of my own ones
I loved it like the two loves the three loves the four
I love it like a seashell loves the option floor ocean floor
I loved it quite more than I really loved anything
ever before I still got my own allure
I loved it like I heard the devils voice in my heart
and gods brain inside my own type of spark
I loved it like a contradiction plus the poetry
I loved it like the rhythm of the ocean sea
it's massive and expensive it moves across the planet
and talks to me in the language suckers don't understand it
I loved it like I seen it one time and imprinted it's soul inside of my design
yo I loved it

aye I loved it

I touched a long time never left it alone
I mean the rhythm in my body moves my whole type bones
my skeleton my brainstems plus my primitive
points in my brain I kill it and let it live
I loved it

they say you gotta go you gotta go but I love it
they say you're spending too much time with designs and the rhymes
too much focus on some imagination rhymes
but I love
it help me see myself just fishing for the vision in my own self
I see it like a radar past these quasars
I loved it like I'm Sun ra pulling weed up out of jars
I love it like surreal even though I know the deal
I love it like fish with water in it’s gills
I love it because it comes natural
that's the reason why I stay away from ill type assholes
I love it like a tribe called quest
I love it like a cool cigarette in a summer/s vest
I love it with no sleeves on
I love it with my lady not on the red ain't no tampon
I love it with a towel but i love it like a white owl
I love I love it to the point that I understand my style
it helped me own when i needed to
it helped me out in these situations………..
Track Name: Eiffa tower
Still Still instilled

I go spelunking
fuck your function
I'll show up with 2 pounds of onions
for all these assholes
and I sit by the flask and I don't need no pull
unless it's rolled up tight
no oregano for a stormy night
ayo it's allright yo it's all wrong
I breathe inside of my own song
still want to pop still want to get it
I'm moving inside my own exquisite
froze to the point that these suckers won't visit
touch it one time homie and i hope that you’re with it
well if not well I keep my own sauce
middle finger to the boss let me throw on Molotov
‘cause they gon’ venture off, when I move it's never sloppy
step up a passion from a motherfucking hobby
we brew like an oak tree
yo notice me they still want to move this smooth
want to see inside of an avalanche no chance
still got my own rhythm and my own stance
because I'm heavy as an avalanche
Ayo Golden Girls word to blanch
I like freaks any way of the week
ones in yoga pants and butt cheeks
all about Butkus what’s this
moving inside of my own list
because it goes A to B, A to B, 1 to 3
I move with immaculate energy
because it can't be copied and my flows and sloppy
word to the rhythm and I still want to get
something inside my rhythm don't hit
still want to move inside of my own ship
just a pirate moving in a climate thats irate
everybody boost them but I'm not about illusions
still want to say that shit straight my gate
my Lord why they wanna hate on
a motherfucker with the rhythm that’s so on
so on point but I still rolled a joint
I move like Moses don't anoint
cause split red seas with a whole lot of empathy
no energy plus no enemy can ever really conquer me
I'm just a don’t be conquerer taking over goals Homie
everybody's moving but for me they all baloney
caused it's all synthetic and processed meats
when we meet its about organic beats
because I'm moving in a city where giant tent to meet
stepping over motherfuckers on the concrete
because it's heavy as a Chevy
its unrolled that’s the reason why its hotter
than the butter on your grandmothers buisicut roll
on sunday morning where you wake up yawning
we just been up on me
and we been up homie
cause space and time seems to bend up homie
when on the down but we moving on the ground
that’s the reason why you feel the vibration in the sound
heavy bass when they meet they own fate
they look surprised when I look in they eyes
because they never have to see never could they really tell
ayo we harder than a coffin nail
we just sit back and inhale and speak so well
that's the reason why we moving hella fresh and they stale
we tip the scales
I'm all about the rhythm let me read it in braille
because it's bounce every time that I get it every time
and I'm all about the rhythm let me get my lime
plus tekate nah you can keep that dog
I need a Lagunitas homie and I never miss my day job

yo we leaning like the Eiffel
I got another eyeful
I like the Eisley's
I like Donald Byrd
I like John coal train underneath summer rain
that's why I hijacked the rhythm like Jesse James
I got my own angst homie and my own tanks
make us up to take a long walk off a short plank
to the goddess got to give ranks
about the rhythm inside of a shark tank
I breath with these vipers moving in the night
they like David Hasselhoff some nights i got

Track Name: Mycidertown

Just the new tape perfection
switching the election
all about the rhythm inside of the God's selection
a new tape ribbon
so check the incision
we turn it up to 10 hope them people listen again
the echo and the reverb the voice and the curve
feeling like Langston Hughes with a dream deferred
it's all about hitting like we Barry bonds
everybody's talking but we still got to travel on
a wicked plot inside of Babylon
still wanna travel on until my ill sound carries on
amongst the clouds amongst the seas
the landscape the birds and the bees
amongst it all until the rain starts to fall
and hits into ocean becomes recycled y'all
amongst the dirt the fumes and the worms
the situation why people they get they body burned
underneath the hate and the love at the same time
I'm all about the rhythm trying to figure out designs
I love it like these flowers and I love it like these roots
I still want to move to the city though they pollute

Its soundscapes i hope my people relate
Its soundscapes i hope my people relate
Its soundscapes i hope my people relate
to the joy and the pain and the hurt and the pay
I hope my people relate

I ain't the illest still trying to figure out what really is
I spent Saturdays listening to what's up with Willis
family ties
a whole bunch of things inside of my design
still keep it sharper
darker than a marker
darker than the belly of Davey Jones locker
darker than triple state darkness at that
I still travel back like a pimp with his wave cap
I love my people inside of a summer stack
I'm all about the DJ and some fat ass wax
all about perfection underneath God's selection
I don't really care about the P’s except perfection
and proper preparation prevents poor performance
and my people move in through the city taken over continents
it's common sense that be making people dense
Thats the reason why we hopping clean over suckers fence
fuck Ben Frank I'm on my own shit
inside my shark tank
swimming with some gills and i hope I got my own take
thicker than the armor of a sherwin tank
I'm all about the rhythm pulling suckers off the ranks
cause I got my own shank sharpened inside of my harness
and darker type of views but I know i’m not a martian just marvin
starving like that burr ass rabbit
they want to move inside this weather but my flow be a magnet
just connecting that positive to the negative
I'd rather kill it one time than ever let the bullshit live
stab it and put the body in a station wagon
draggin niggas across town inside of my own sound
Track Name: Thunderclap riddem

Watch your self when you get a record deal
cause everybody thinks that the record shits real
everybody want to sell for the record deal
but everybody doesn't really know it's not real
check the taxes check the contract
everybody talk but they want they soul back
really can't get it because its signed with the reprise
now you looking so damn surprised
everybody want a check when to get a record deal
everybody move but they really not real
but want to move inside of my own soul
so I keep my own shit then I’m ready to go

Freaky freaky oh my Lord
everybody on the floor
everybody dance some more
booty booty sweat galore
booty booty sweat galore
booty booty sweat galore
every freak on the floor
booty booty sweat galore

Booty Sweat some more
Every cutie on the floor
Every cutie with a booty
every booty sweat some more

thunder clap≈≈≈≈
Make yo booth thunderclap……..

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